FE Petro Variable Frequency Controller - MagVFC

FE Petro Variable Frequency Controller - MagVFC



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The FE Petro MagVFC Variable Frequency Controller is required with all 2 HP or 4 HP variable speed submersible turbine pumps. This controller varies motor performance to maintain constant flow and reports unusual conditions including 'out of fuel' situations. Can be used with 2 HP and 4 HP motors.


  • 2 hp models can operate with single- or three-phase incoming power supply to the MagVFC
  • 4 hp models require three-phase incoming power supply to the Mag VFC for proper operation.
  • Incoming power supply to the MagVFC can be 200-250 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz.
  • MagVFC™ outputs a three-phase, variable frequency signal, valid for FE Petro variable speed pumps only.
  • 2 hp max. motor draw: 9 Amps.
  • 4 hp max. motor draw: 15 Amps.
  • MagVFC max. line draw: 20 Amps.

MagVFC Design Highlights

The MagVFC features a dual seven segment display to show diagnostic faults. A serial interface is standard to connect to INCON System Sentinel software for remote reporting of pump alarms and sharing other pump/ATG intelligence. The MagVFC detects and displays these system conditions:

  • Dry tank (initiates an immediate pump shut-down).
  • Continuous pump run.
  • Low incoming voltage.
  • Pump motor failure.
  • Short circuit detection.
  • Controller faults.
  • Open circuit detection.

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