FE Petro STP Series Controllers





Designed to replace standard control boxes in both new and existing installations. The STP-SCI provides valuable pump protection and performance features never before offered in one economical controller.

  • Controller size: 8½" × 5" × 3" (215 mm × 127 mm × 76 mm).
  • Relay amperage rating: 30 Amps.
  • Relay/hook signal voltage: 120/240 Volt.
  • Compatible with all FE Petro single-phase submersibles and competitive makes.


The FE Petro dispenser hook isolation device prevents electrical feedback between dispenser hook circuits as required by most electrical codes.

  • Optically isolates inputs from up to eight dispensers preventing damage to dispenser relay boards caused by cross-phasing.
  • Prevents electrical feedback between dispenser hook circuits during periods of maintenance and service as required by NEC 514-6, 1999 and other international codes.
  • Can be supplied factory-wired in tandem with the FE Petro Smart Controller or the FE Petro standard control box.
  • Eliminates false STP run due to voltage leakage of multiple dispensers connected in parallel.
  • Fuse-protected output to submersible pump controller.
  • The STP-DHI can retrofit to any existing site.


The FE Petro standard single-phase control box latches line power to the submersible when the relay is energized by a dispenser signal. Compatible with FE Petro and competitive makes of single-phase, fixed speed submersible turbines up to 2 hp.

  • Incorporates an “ON/OFF” lockout switch.
  • Relay energized with 110 Volt dispenser/hook signal.
  • Franklin Fueling Systems is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer.
  • Consult factory for applicable approvals.
400818921 STP CBS, single-phase control box, with switch and lockout, 120 Volt coil
5800100215 STP SCI, single-phase smart controller
5800300100 STP DHI, isolates up to eight, 120 Volt dispenser handles
402312921 STP-DHI-SCI combo DHI with factory-wired STP-SCI
402313921 STP-DHI-CBS, combo dispenser hook isolation with factory wired STP-CBS