GPI PA-120, 115 Volt AC, 12 GPM, Nozzle and Hose excluded




The GPI PA-120H-TAP is a portable AC pump of choice for thin chemicals. Comes in a Tote-a-Pump cage assembly. For thin fluids (0 to 10 centipoise viscosity) such as herbicides, thin chemicals, agriculture chemicals, and other common herbicides.

Manufacture GPI
Model # PA-120H-TAP 
Part # 118602-11
Weight In LBs 15
Type AC
Voltage 115 Volt
Pump Configuration Rotary Gear
Meter? Not Included


Pump Application

Thin Chemicals (0 to 10 centipoise viscosity).

Do not use with gasoline, diesel fuel or micro-encapsulated chemicals.

Flow Rate 12 GPM
Inlet 1 inch
Outlet 1 inch
Suction Pipe? Not Included
Hose  Not Included
Nozzle Not Included
Power Cord 3 Pronged Pigtail
Duty Cycle  30 on / 30 off
Mount Direct Mount
Warranty 2 Years