GPI M-3425, 24 Volt DC, 25 GPM, Nozzle and Hose excluded




The GPI M-3425-pois a high performance pump on vehicle mounted tanks or vented storage tanks. Choose this pump when reduced fueling time is critical. Hose and nozzle are sold separately. Motor is UL Listed.

Manufacture GPI
Model # M-3425-PO
Part # 133260-03
Weight In LBs 54
Type DC
Voltage 24 Volt
Pump Configuration Carbon Vane
Meter? Not Included
Pump Application Diesel fuel, Up to 20% biodiesel blends such as B20, Gasoline, Up to 15% alcohol blends such as E15, Kerosene
Flow Rate 25 GPM
Inlet 1 inch
Outlet 1 inch
Suction Pipe? Suction Pipe
Hose  Not Included
Nozzle Not Included
Power Cord 15'
Duty Cycle  30 on / 30 off
Mount Straight Base
Warranty 2 Years