GPI M-3025 / MR 5, 12 Volt DC, 25 GPM, Nozzle and Hose excluded




The GPI M-3025CB-AV-PO / MR 5-30-G8N is used with personal aircrafts. Two year warranty, 12-Volt, 25 GPM, Motor is U.L. Listed to U.S. and Canadian Standards.

Manufacture GPI
Model # M-3025CB-AV-PO / MR 5-30-G8N
Part # 133240-201
Weight In LBs 61
Type DC
Voltage 12 Volt
Pump Configuration Carbon Vane
Meter? Included / MR 5-30-G8N
Pump Application Gasoline, Gasoline/Ethanol blends at levels designated as "gasohol" (E10 maximum), diesel, kerosene and aviation fuels gasoline (AVGAS 100LL) and kerosene grade (JET A).
Flow Rate 25 GPM
Inlet 1 inch
Outlet 1 inch
Suction Pipe? Not Included
Hose  Not Included
Nozzle Not Included
Power Cord Not Included
Duty Cycle  30 on / 30 off
Mount Center Base
Warranty 2 Years