GPI LP-50 Piston Hand Pump, 1 Pint per 1 Stroke




Designed to fit tanks or 55 gallon barrels. The unique linkage and shaft design ensures a smooth and easy stroke, and eliminates side load, shaft binding, or seal leakage seen in other lever pumps.

Manufacture GPI
Model # LP 50
Part # 129000-1
Weight 3
Type Hand Pump
Pump Configuration Piston


Use With

Antifreeze, Diesel Fuel, Water, Petroleum Based Products, Mild Detergents, Lubricants, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), urea solution, AUS 32, and most agricultural chemicals.

Not for use with kerosene, Diesel Fuel, Roundup Concentrate or Flammable Fluids.

Flow Rate 1 Pint per 1 Stroke
Inlet 0.75 inches
Outlet 1 inch
Suction Pipe Telescoping
Hose N/A
Nozzle / Spout Spout
Mount 2 inches
Warranty 90 Days