Morrison 711NC Solenoid Valve - Normally Closed

Morrison 711NC Solenoid Valve - Normally Closed




The 711NC solenoid valve is a high flow pilot operated piston valve that is “normally closed.”   This general purpose valve is for applications such as pressure systems, machine tools, water processing and steam applications. The valve opens upon the receipt of an electronic signal such as when a dispenser or pump is switched to the on position.

Standard Features

  • 7.5 PSI pressure differential required to keep the valve open
  • Explosion and weather proof coil and housing
  • 120V/60HZ standard, several optional coil voltages are available
  • Must be installed in a horizontal pipeline with the coil in the upright and vertical position
  • Recommended for use with liquids having a maximum viscosity of 60 centistokes
  • A strainer with a 100 mesh screen is recommended at the valve inlet

Construction Details

  • Body: Forged brass
  • Cover: Forged brass 
  • Seals: Viton