Husky X COLD WEATHER Conventional Nozzle




The Husky X CW has an aluminum reinforced spout bushing keeps spout tip round and acts as a captive fastener to prevent tip-end sensor damage. Contains a poppet disc seal rated at -40° F/C to prevent fuel leakage from the main seal in extreme cold weather. Nozzle is equipped with a unique Flo-Stop device that shuts off the nozzle if it falls from the fill tank or raises above the horizontal. StreamShaper reduces turbulence for straighter fuel flow and less splash back spillage. Comes standard with smooth full grip guard.


Body One piece die cast aluminum
Seals Fluorocarbon
Packing Double o-ring seal protected by fiber reinforced Teflon
Lever One piece contoured steel with hard plastic cover
Inlet ¾” / 19 mm NPT


503704N^ with Three Notch Hold Open Clip

For different colors and add-ons, please call 888-248-9000.