Husky VLX Balance Nozzle

Husky VLX Balance Nozzle




The Husky VLX nozzle fits existing conventional dispensers. Conversions to Balance Vapor Recover can be faster, easier and less costly. Nozzle is equipped with mechanical interlock that shuts off the nozzle if it falls from the fill tank. Nozzle has automatic shut off so can be used for self-service, full-service and unattended stations. Vapor valve is in the nozzle body, not the spout. Aluminum casting provides a lightweight, easier to handle nozzle. Easy and inexpensive to maintain due to the on-piece bellow, the uncluttered spout, and the simple, single bellow clamp. The bellow is more flexible and provides greater resistance to cuts, scuffing and damage. It has the lightest “force” needed to insert/seal of any bellows nozzle. StreamShaper reduces turbulence for straighter fuel flow and less splash back spillage.


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