Fill-Rite F1810HC1

Fill-Rite F1810HC1




The Fill-Rite model F1810HC1 is a clear bowl with a drain valve, particulate filter and water sensing filter designed for neat gasoline( 0% Ethanol), Ethanol blended gasolines (up to 10%), diesel and kerosene. 


Model F1810HC1
Filter Type Clear Bowl
Media Type Paper Element
Micron Rating up to 10 micron
Diameter (Bowl) 3.85"
Diameter (Adapter) 4.3"
Overall Height 9.4"
Inlet / Outlet 1" NPT
Flow Rate 18 GPM
Shell Clear Bowl
Max Operating PSI 12 psi
Nominal Diameter 4"
Nominal Length 9"
Micron 10

Fill-Rite Filters are NOT recommended for water based products, aviation fuels, race fuels or gasoline containing more than 10% ethanol.