FE Petro Variable Speed STP (Submersible Turbine Pumps)


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Ordering Guide

A typical turbine model designation has up to five components to define the pump being supplied as follows:


  • XXX = Basic Model Designation
    • STP = These standard variable speed and variable length models are capable of up to 10% ethanol with gasoline
    • IST = These variable speed and variable length models include alcohol-gasoline compatibility (up to 85% ethanol, up to 20% biodiesel, or 100% biodiesel).
  • YYYYY = Factory Installed Options
    • Model designations may include one or more of the following characters in alphabetical order: 
    • F = Floating suction adapter (1½" NPT female adapter)
    • K = Intake filter screen (IFS, factory installed to PMA)
    • M = MagShell (flow enhancing, expanded PMA shell)
    • R* = Model R check valve (24 psi relief/22 psi reset for PLLD)
    • W* = Model W check valve (16 psi relief/13 psi reset for PPM4000)
  • Z = Pump Motor Horsepower Rating
    • VS2 = 2 Hp variable speed
    • VS4 = 4 Hp variable speed
  • A = Model Length
    • VL1 = STP variable length range #1
    • VL2 = STP variable length range #2
    • VL3 = STP variable length range #3
  • B = Riser Pipe Length (see diagram)
    • Riser pipe length is expressed as two numeric characters that indicate the total length of the riser in inches. Riser pipes are available from 7" to 69" in 1" increments (additional charge for risers 31" or longer).


  • Variable speed models are available in variable lengths only.
  • Check valve: 2¾" diameter fluorocarbon seal constructed with cast aluminum body and steel backing washer.
  • Pressure relief valve: available in four pressure relief settings, integral to check valve. Standard model relieves at 40 psi and resets above 35 psi.
  • Syphon: venturi-type syphon primer supplied with every submersible. Syphon check valve and secondary syphon sold separately.
  • Air eliminator: every submersible includes a tank return path with one-way check valve to provide active air elimination.
  • Electrical disconnect: electrical yoke for positive contractor disconnect during service.

Pump Motor

  • 2 Hp or 4 Hp, variable speed, two-stage centrifugal type pump motor with integral, automatic, thermal overload protection.
  • Max. flow: VS2 = 110 gpm, VS4 = 140 gpm.
  • Max. pressure: selectable operating pressure on Mag VFC between 24 psi and 42 psi deadhead.
  • Available with MagShell which results in 45% increased flow area around motor.


  • cULus listed.
  • Contact us for a full list of applicable approvals.

Power Requirements

  • Variable speed pumps can only be controlled by a MagVFC variable frequency controller:
  • VS2 models can operate with single- or three-phase incoming power supply to the MagVFC.
  • VS4 models require three-phase incoming power supply to the MagVFC for proper operation.
  • Incoming power supply to the MagVFC can be 200-250 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz.
  • MagVFC outputs a three-phase, variable frequency signal, valid for FE Petro variable speed pumps only.
  • VS2 max. motor draw: 9 Amps.
  • MagVFC max. line draw: 20 Amps.

Liquid Compatibility

  • Max. liquid viscosity: 70 SSU at 60 °F (15 °C).
  • STP variable speed models are UL and cUL listed for fuel mixtures containing up to 10% ethanol, and 20% MTBE, 20% ETBE or 17% TAME with gasoline.
  • IST variable speed models are UL and cUL listed for fuel mixtures containing diesel fuel with up to 20% biodiesel, 100% biodiesel, up to 85% ethanol with gasoline, and 20% MTBE, 20% ETBE or 17% TAME with gasoline.
  • All variable speed (non-AG) models can also be used with diesel fuels, fuel oils, kerosene, Avgas and jet fuels in a non-gelled pourable state.
  • All wetted elastomers are made of a high grade, fluorocarbon compound.


Quality Certification

  • Franklin Fueling Systems is an ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer.


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