Civacon Explosion-Proof Optic Monitor 8140

Civacon Explosion-Proof Optic Monitor 8140




Civacon optic rack monitors are used with up to eight compatible optic liquid level sensors  or  on-board  monitors  to  monitor the status of liquid within transports (compartments) or  other  storage tanks.Overfill detection  systems,  such  as the 8100 series optic rack monitors, provide automatic warning of product overflow at predetermined levels and warn of pending overflow conditions

Manufacture Civacon
Model # 8140
Power Input 120 VAC 60 Hz , 10 VA
Power Output 240 VAC - 5A DPDT
Response time .5 seconds maximum, dry to wet transition
Electrical Connections Internal Terminal Strips
Exclosure NEMA 7 Explosion Proof
Housing  Aluminum