Petro-Clear 61830EW




The PetroClear model 61830EW is a particulate removing and water sensing replacement element type filter designed for aftermarket, cost efficient particulate filtration of fuels at high volume fueling locations such as truck stops, card lock sites, and industrial and commercial applications. The filter is designed to remove particulate and to sense both free and emulsified water from neat gasoline, diesel, Biodiesel, ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel), Kerosene and fuel oils.

The filter is a particulate and water sensing replacement element type filter. This filter is designed to sense water, both free and emulsified, and slow flow as an indicator of the presence of water in neat gasoline. This filter will not sense or react to water in Ethanol blended gasoline.

The PetroClear 61830EW Cross References with the Cim-Tek 30037, E-1300HS-30.


Model 61830EW
Filter Type Element
Media Type *Cellulose with Absorbent Media
Micron Rating 30 Micron (nominal)
Diameter 5.98"
Height 17.99"
Flow Rate 120 gpm (405 lpm)
Gasket Material Buna N
Collapse (Min.) 150 psid (10.3 bar)
Max. Operating Temp. 250°F (139°C)