Husky Standard Multi-Plane Swivels



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Product type: Swivel

Brands: Husky

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All Husky Multi-Plane Swivels

  • Compatible with unleaded, diesel, and Ethanol blends through E10.
  • Compact and light weight for easy handling.
  • High flow rates due to laminar flow design.
  • High strength step shoulder bearing diameters and impact absorbing stops.

    Body High Aluminum Zinc Alloy
    Inner O-Ring Fluorosilicone
    Outer O-Ring Fluorocarbon


    000350 ¾” M x ¾” F Swivel
    000352 1″ M x ¾” F Swivel
    000355 ¾” M x ¾” F Black Swivel
    000356 1″ M x ¾” F Black Swivel
    002272 ¾” M x ¾” F 90° Swivel
    002950 ¾” M x ¾” F Restricted Swivel

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