Husky V3 Vacuum-Assist Nozzle

Husky V3 Vacuum-Assist Nozzle




The Husky V3 nozzle shuts off when: — the pump shuts off. — the gas tank is full. — the lever is opened before the pump is turned on. — the leak detector has not completed the test cycle. Husky V3 nozzle is equipped with a unique Flo-Stop device that shuts off the nozzle if it falls from the fill tank or raises above the horizontal. Husky vapor return line is an internal part of the body casting, thus eliminating potential vapor leak points. Uses coaxial spout with spout spring and has large vapor-capturing holes at the end of the spout. Nozzle spout and spout spring are covered by a one-year warranty. Plunger design provides a better seal to eliminate potential leaking and staining. For different colors and add-ons, please call 888-248-9000.

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